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The Queen's Slash Society

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Welcome to Q/, a community made for slashers at Queen's University in Canada!

Sorry, but we're keeping membership down to Queen's students (or alumni/prospective students) and Kingston townies who are lovers of slash or who occassionally dabble in slash. It seems elitist, but it's a school group, yeah?

For those of you who ARE students at Queen's and love slash but who are not yet a member and do not know any of the members, feel free to check us out and join. We have get-togethers all the time and are trying to become AMS-listed so we can have a designated room and Q/ Night!

You're welcome to post anything here, including one-liner posts along the lines of "Friday night 9 @ Classics?" In other words, feel free to set up times for get-togethers, but try to be inclusive -- we don't want "Everyone but Mary Sue is invited!" posts, if you get my meaning. Oh and "Mary Sue sucks!!1!@#!" posts are not allowed either.

Anyhow, I made this community so that everyone can contact each other more easily without the hassle of email and/or personal LJ posts. And so that we can have a little place that's just OURS and cannot be infiltrated by the slash-haters of the world/school.


PS: If you're looking at this community and wondering how a bunch of kids who love lame movies about killing people are ever going to get AMS-funding, leave now and forever hold your piece. We're not talking about THAT kind of slash.

Moderated by ordencodex

Legal Details
We mean no copyright infringement or slander. When you join this group, you understand that you are old enough and/or mature enough to read its content.