Susan (spusan) wrote in qslash,


It's late, I should be sleeping.

Who's of Q/ is back in Kingston? I know Sarah is, Eva isn't. We must all do something before Allison leaves.

Allison, I keep forgetting when you leave :(. Soon, I know.

LET'S DO SOMETHING!! This time, let's involve alcohol! Hahahaha!
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I'm in on Thursday. Margot and Kate are in this weekend, I believe.
Maybe Homecoming? I promise this time I will limit my alcohol intake.

Wanna hang out tomorrow?
Sept 18th, I fly out, yes.

Also, my sister is having a pancake kegger the 15th. Y'all should come because I am helping make pancakes there.
I'll come probably, it's not like my life is interesting.
I think we're doing Aberdeen this year if all goes well, but I'm free every night. Because am a tool.