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Date:2007-06-03 17:39

Hey girls! I've been talking to Margot, and we've both expressed our desire to go to Prophecy 2007 in Toronto from August 2-5. Who else is in? I'm thinking I won't go for the feast option (it's $60 cheaper without, and it'd be nice to go out to a nice restaurant or bar and chill for dinner, right?), and if we can all find accomodation that isn't a hotel (ie. at a friend's/relative's/our own places) then it's only $150. And it's a weekend full of Harry Potter fanatics just like us!

Also, anybody going to Pride in Toronto from the 23-25? I'm going with Laura and Amanda. Probably on the Friday night. I'm hoping anyway.


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Date:2006-09-04 02:23

It's late, I should be sleeping.

Who's of Q/ is back in Kingston? I know Sarah is, Eva isn't. We must all do something before Allison leaves.

Allison, I keep forgetting when you leave :(. Soon, I know.

LET'S DO SOMETHING!! This time, let's involve alcohol! Hahahaha!

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Date:2006-04-26 17:52
Subject:Marz, Kate

I gotta talk to you guys ASAP!!

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Date:2006-04-09 03:53

Hey there Queensies--I'm turning 20 tomorrow... probably gonna chill at the QP for a while. I'm aiming to get there around 8:30 ish.

Come on out :D

(I mean 8:30 MONDAY night)

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Date:2006-03-19 00:57


Our dear friend skandrae who has been a long time member of Q/ before there was Q/ is coming back to Ktown Sunday (26th) and Monday (27th) from that faraway mystical land of anime, cherry blossoms, and freaky porn. Yes, Japan.

I think we should all gather and celebrate with bubbletea b/c she's never had any bubbletea. Maybe dinner, too. Opinions/Suggestions?

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Date:2006-02-01 20:33

Hey guys, it's my birthday this Friday, and while I'll probably get kidnapped then, I was hoping to celebrate with you lot on Saturday. :D I was thinking we could see Eighteen at the Screening Room @ 7pm, grab something to eat, then head on over to Shay Foo Foo's to watch pretty gay boys dance with each other. And dance ourselves, too. XD I really really hope you guys can make it! ♥

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Date:2006-01-19 19:27
Subject:Brokeback Mountain

Plan, Part 2:

Okay, since too many people want too many different things, here's what *I* am doing tomorrow night.

I have been able to get a vehicle from my parents, so we can go to the 9:50pm showing at the Riocan. This is good because you can buy tickets online at cineplexodeon.com (whereas the downtown you cannot and I'd bet money it'll be sold out). I am going to buy myself tonight

I will, if I decide to take the van, have room for 6 other people to come with, if you want. It seems most people have no idea quite what they want or when, so you can work that out for yourself. I see lots of movies by myself, one more is no big deal.

So yeah, I'll have 6 spots in the van for the showing. We can work on pick-up details tomorrow if anyone's interested.

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Date:2006-01-18 17:34




Cineplex Odeon (Riocan):

Brokeback Mountain - Drama Romance - 3:35, 6:45, 9:50 - 14A - coarse language,mature theme,sexual content - 134min.

Empire Theatres (Downtown):

Brokeback Mountain
[14A] (SC, CL, MT) 2hr 15min - Dolby Digital
4:00 7:00 10:00

So, pick where and when we go, biatches. And if no one comes, I'ma take myself to the one at the Riocan regardless.

ETA: If we're fast on the uptake, I might even be able to head down to the theatre tonight/tomorrow night to try to buy tickets. Maybe.

ETA2: Okay, 10pm, downtown theatre. Friday night. Be there, or be square. What time should we meet beforehand so we can make sure to get tickets?

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Date:2005-12-15 16:15

So, are we karaoke-ing tonight, ladies? >:D

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Date:2005-12-10 20:32

To those Q/ers of age and still here, anyone up for the Alehouse on Tuesday (13th) night?

I have never been there, only when it was still AJ's. And that was during the summer. So Eva and I got mauled by creepy townies and other RMC hanger-ons.

Creepppppy like whoa. But I hear it's all Queen's students now. And I wanna party it up and pick up a hot guy have intellectual discussions on the subjectivity of physical appearances.

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Date:2005-12-07 22:10

I think we're going to Tir Na Nog for karaoke night tomorrow. So Qslashers of age, put on your singing hats and dancing shoes, it's gonna be shiny shindig!

{Tell me if next Thursday works better for you. :p}

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Date:2005-12-02 19:51
Mood: numb

If I'd have known no one would show up, I wouldn't have bothered at all.

Tamara- I waited 35 minutes, but I didn't see you still, so I went home.

I have a date with Bridget Jones, a pint of ice cream and Southpark now tonight.

For those coming on the 14th, please let me know and I'll see you then, otherwise have a good Christmas.

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Date:2005-11-29 15:11
Subject:of booty shaking and such

Just in case anyone was expecting to see me shake my booty tonight, I'm actually not going to be performing at the mini dance recital at Grant Hall because I bashed up my knees pretty bad during rehearsal. Yeah, we've got some crazy moves. :p I'm still going to watch, though, and hopefully I'll see Tam. I'm still singing at CoGro tonight, though you probably should save yourself from the pain. Cheers! :D


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Date:2005-11-25 22:54
Subject:December 14th Get Together
Mood: excited

December 14th Get-Together

This is not strictly Q/ (both those on LJ and not), but that's fine.

After much deliberation, I have decided to hold my get-together December 14th. 7/7:30ish until whenever. My place. I know not everyone will be around to come, but those who are, do come! If you have a night exam, pop by for a few minutes! I'm really excited about this! I've planned, like, a bizillion things to bake and cook. (Srsly, I have a huge long list I showed a few people!) I mean, you guys are welcome to bring food if you can cook/whatever, but I'm seriously going to bake up a Christmas goodie storm (both baked goods and cooked, savoury doodads).

BYOB, but not necessary- this isn't like a drunken partay or anything. I'm inviting the Q/ers and [some] of my roommates and my sister and a few engineering people she knows might come too.

Basically, I'm providing you guys with a study break from exams and cooking REAL food and munchies (not chips and shit ;). Thus, small cash donations to help pay for food greatly appreciated (ie. $2-3 per person).

I'll probably even fish out some muzak and other shit. I expect about 10-12 people total. Not too many, but I hope to see a few of you guys there!

P.S. If any vegetable people are coming (ie. Susan, others?), let me know to provide some more veg/nonmeat than planned, mmkay? Also, if I can know overall numbers sooner rather than later, that'd be super!

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Date:2005-11-25 22:50
Subject:December 2nd Meetup
Mood: good

December 2nd Meetup

Mmmkay, yes, December 2nd meetup. NO CLASSICS, please! I say we go out that night to dinner to celebrate:

1) End of term
2) My birthday (hah! A few days early, but indulge moi)

Srsly, let's do dinner and t00b. And we could even catch a flick, if you guys want. Whatever. Or we can keep things cheaper and not. 's all cool.

Please be letting other Q/ers know about this, since the comm members are few and far between! ;)

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Date:2005-11-15 09:20
Subject:Midnight Showing
Mood: sick

Ok people. Here it is.

Get your homework done because Thursday is All Harry Potter All Day. ;) Well. All Night.
Midnight showing on Thursday @ the downtown theatre! Go to www.empiretheatres.com to get your ticket (you'll need a credit card).
I do believe the plan is a pre-movie dinner? Or possibly just pre-movie Bubble Tea.
A LOT of people from my floor are going to the midnight showing. They want a time to meet outside the theatre. What do you guys think? Someone on my floor mentioned 8pm but I don't know.

Let me know what you all think.

PS: Uuuuugh. I am so sick today. *clings* This had better not last till Thursday or Someone Somewhere dies.

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