I, Ociwen (reposoir) wrote in qslash,
I, Ociwen

Brokeback Mountain

Plan, Part 2:

Okay, since too many people want too many different things, here's what *I* am doing tomorrow night.

I have been able to get a vehicle from my parents, so we can go to the 9:50pm showing at the Riocan. This is good because you can buy tickets online at cineplexodeon.com (whereas the downtown you cannot and I'd bet money it'll be sold out). I am going to buy myself tonight

I will, if I decide to take the van, have room for 6 other people to come with, if you want. It seems most people have no idea quite what they want or when, so you can work that out for yourself. I see lots of movies by myself, one more is no big deal.

So yeah, I'll have 6 spots in the van for the showing. We can work on pick-up details tomorrow if anyone's interested.
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