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Cineplex Odeon (Riocan):

Brokeback Mountain - Drama Romance - 3:35, 6:45, 9:50 - 14A - coarse language,mature theme,sexual content - 134min.

Empire Theatres (Downtown):

Brokeback Mountain
[14A] (SC, CL, MT) 2hr 15min - Dolby Digital
4:00 7:00 10:00

So, pick where and when we go, biatches. And if no one comes, I'ma take myself to the one at the Riocan regardless.

ETA: If we're fast on the uptake, I might even be able to head down to the theatre tonight/tomorrow night to try to buy tickets. Maybe.

ETA2: Okay, 10pm, downtown theatre. Friday night. Be there, or be square. What time should we meet beforehand so we can make sure to get tickets?
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Damnit, it never rains but it pours. Not only is my friend coming up from Ottawa Friday night, but it's also my housemate's birthday. So, don't think I'll be able to make it. Sorry. *curses universe*
Does your housemate like hot gay cowboys? If yes, what better way to cap a dinner by seeing Bareback Brokeback Mountain?
I think she wants to go to the Alehouse, actually... But even so, my friend from Ottawa is a straight guy who has already mentioned that he has no wish to see it.
Sigh. Boys are so fragile.
They are so fragile. God. I have no problem seeing a lesbian film if it's really good.
I know! Grrr.
FUCK YES!!!!!!!

I say 10pm Downtown 'cuz it's cheaper and easier for all of us. Yes, cineplex is nicer, but can we all fit into cars? And gas is getting expensive. Etc. Andit's more expensive there, too, right?

I totally say Friday night = YES! And maybe Allison can make cookies? HAHAHA! Alfonso needs to be fed, Allison, it's your child, too.
You know, I'm kind of scared right now b/c I've been so hyped up by this movie that I think even if it was a great movie, my expectations are so high they are unfullfillable.

I hope this really isn't the case.
Okay, now I'm saying 10, since that seems to be best. What time and where should we be meeting to make sure to get tickets?
Tamara has no car... but count me in for any show after 9:30
edit: after 5:30... sorry.
Okay, now I'm saying 10 and downtown, since that seems to be best. What time and where should we be meeting to make sure to get tickets?
Crud! It's my housemate's 21st and we're celebrating that night. I've seen it though, so you guys go ahead. I do want to get together with you lot sometime soon though, so tell me if there are any other movies you want to see. Or maybe next weekend we can go to Shay Foo Foos? Whee! :D
Sure, but vous can organize something. Je suis fatigue.
Will do. :) Have fun!
10 Downtown sounds perfecto!
Edit: I forgot that I have fencing on Fridays. Can it be Saturday? Pretty please?
But Saturday's a crappy night. :S
Um. Kay. I know that many of my friends want to go tomorrow too. Um...but we leave for Montreal Saturday morning at 10:30, so could we do a 7pm show?

Also. Do we need to buy tickets online? Or...do you think it is safe to buy them at the door?
Well, here's the thing:

I'm actually going to steal my parents' car tomorrow night (confirmed), so we can go see the 9:50pm showing at Riocan and you can buy tickets online for it there, which is good. And I'd be able to drive you and your friends (well, depending on how many come) back at midnightish. I'll post later.
Yeeeeahhh, seeeee...*counts* There's at LEAST five of us that want to go. Possibly more. So that'd crowd your car liek whoa.

The other thing is that if you guys are wanting to do something after the movie, we're not going to get any sleep before Montreal. :(
Okay, you'll just have to see the other post I made on the comm. I have no idea what the fuck is up. Honestly, I have a hard time believing we'll get tickets, but whatever. We'll go downtown, what the fuck ever, we don't HAVE to stay out beyond the movie, y'all can go, I'll not bother with a car, whatever. It's just a movie, I just wanted to see a movie but clearly too many people are wanting too many different things.

Um. Sorry. I just know a lot of people that want to go. Why don't you guys go together to the Odeon or whatever and we'll go downtown? I didn't want to burden you with driving everyone around when there's so many people. And it was the other Montreal-bound movie-goers that wanted to go to the earlier show. So go where you want to, kay? Sorry I screwed up your plans.
No, that's fine. I worked everything out. I have PMS, various stresses and should not post because then it seems I flip out when really IRL I am sitting here impassive and uncaring. But I did post. Foolishly.

Soooooo...which plan listed on qslash is the Real Plan?
Plan 2: it's a different post. Basically, if you or anyone with you want to come to the Riocan conmigo (and Tamara), I'm driving from my house at 9pmish. We have 5 spots left, if anyone's interested and tickets can be bought online at cineplexodeon.com, otherwise I'll see you are at Shay Foo Foo's (or wherever) later. :)


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