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December 14th Get Together

December 14th Get-Together

This is not strictly Q/ (both those on LJ and not), but that's fine.

After much deliberation, I have decided to hold my get-together December 14th. 7/7:30ish until whenever. My place. I know not everyone will be around to come, but those who are, do come! If you have a night exam, pop by for a few minutes! I'm really excited about this! I've planned, like, a bizillion things to bake and cook. (Srsly, I have a huge long list I showed a few people!) I mean, you guys are welcome to bring food if you can cook/whatever, but I'm seriously going to bake up a Christmas goodie storm (both baked goods and cooked, savoury doodads).

BYOB, but not necessary- this isn't like a drunken partay or anything. I'm inviting the Q/ers and [some] of my roommates and my sister and a few engineering people she knows might come too.

Basically, I'm providing you guys with a study break from exams and cooking REAL food and munchies (not chips and shit ;). Thus, small cash donations to help pay for food greatly appreciated (ie. $2-3 per person).

I'll probably even fish out some muzak and other shit. I expect about 10-12 people total. Not too many, but I hope to see a few of you guys there!

P.S. If any vegetable people are coming (ie. Susan, others?), let me know to provide some more veg/nonmeat than planned, mmkay? Also, if I can know overall numbers sooner rather than later, that'd be super!
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